Rooftopping: Urbex on Skyscrapers

Rooftopping: Urbex on Skyscrapers | Red Bull TV | Abandoned Places | Oleg Cricket

Rooftopping: Urbex on Skyscrapers | Red Bull TV | Abandoned Places | Oleg CricketRooftopping is a special branch of Urbex and a new trend also for the most reckless travelers.
It’s about visiting new cities and take photos, selfies and videos from the tallest buildings.
Not from terraces though.
These Urbexers, in fact, almost always with extreme Parkour experiences in their histories, try to get to the top of the tallest – abandoned or active – buildings, skyscrapers, huge bridges and industrial towers to take photos and videos during dangerous evolutions on the edge of these roofs or hanging in the air clinged on tubes or scaffolding.
Entry points, such as trapdoors, exterior ladders, and elevators to penthouses that open onto roofs, are usually tightly secured.
Roofers bypass locks (by lock picking or other methods), or use unsecured entry points to gain access to roofs. Once there, explorers may take photographs or enjoy the view.
It’s obviously a very dangerous activity to practice and it’s considered illegal almost everywhere.
Urban Exploration is a growing social media trend and these Urbex Photographers that scale buildings and sit on rooftops are becoming more and more famous through their Instagram Profiles and YouTube Channels.
Moreover some Web TV Series, like the Redbull TV Series “Urbex: enter at your own risk”, have given much more visibility to this kind of Urbex.
URBEX: ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISKAmong the most famous Rooftopping Urbexers we mention:
Elaina Hammeken – Former competitor of America’s Next Top Model, Elaina brings a high note of style and glamor within this purely masculine world of urban exploration.
Oleg Cricket – He came to Moscow from Siberia bringing with him the dream of becoming a stuntman. He has a great follow up on social media, with posts depicting some of the most daring and reckless explorations in the world.
Vadim Makharov and Vitaly Raskalov – This Russian duo, the undisputed star of YouTube, lets you open your mouth while you see them coming into a new construction site in Mumbai, climbing cranes and feeling atop the clouds.
Abudi Alsagoff – The Malaysian Abudi is a parkour professional with an irresistible personality. Challenge the heights and make the vertical on the famous Porthjaya Bridge in Kuala Lumpur.
David DeRueda – David is a famous French photographer with a passion for abandoned space stations in Kazakhstan.
Bryce Wilson – The well-known Bryce is no stranger to controversy: watch him as he clashes with law and stairs one of the tallest skyscrapers in Melbourne.
These Urbexers have been protagonists of the TV series “Urbex: enter at your own risk”.


Rewriting the Rulebook on Urban Exploration
A group of urban explorers risk life and limb to get inside, above, and around some of the most forbidden places on Earth. As they navigate bridges, skyscrapers, and other off-limits structures, every venture through the city could be their last.

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